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welcome + thank you for being here. —

in 2017, my husband and i traveled three out of twelve months of the year.

within the 93 days of our travels, there was an awakening that occurred within me.

for the first time in my life, i had the ability to silence the chaotic/dysfunctional world

that i had become so accustomed to and tune in to my inner voice. i had the opportunity to

sync up and align myself with the universe. i learned the power of manifesting. the power

of healing. the power of loving deeply.

my website is a reflection of the rebirth that happened and will provide tools to allow you

to dig deep and experience your own awakening.

in this space, you will find reflections from my journeys and tips to help guide

you on your own. you will find guided meditations with sounds by kafari.

also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter where i will highlight a small business

every month. give away dope finds from the highlighted business. provide writing meditations.

as well as a monthly reflection, for your eyes only.

again, thank you for being here. you are appreciated.

slow down + live.

anisah amat


sweetgirl, sometimes you gotta turn the world down a bit. dig deep inside yourself and turn you up a little bit more.

- anisah amat -